Masterson of Kansas
Before legendary horror director William Castle became the master of the macabre, he directed several westerns, including this one about the legendary sheriff of Dodge City, Bat Masterson. In MASTERSON OF KANSAS, the sheriff (George Montgomery, Battle of the Bulge) is asked by Wyatt Earp (Bruce Cowling, Battleground) to help a local man, Amos Merrick (John Maxwell, The Asphalt Jungle), who is wrongly accused of murder. When Merrick — a peacemaker for a Native American tribe — is convicted, Masterson seeks help from his mortal enemy, Doc Holliday (James Griffith, The Killing). If Masterson cannot discover the truth about the crime, he risks the wrath of the Native American people, who will go to war if Merrick is hanged. Newly remastered.
Price: 17.49

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