Maverick: The Complete Fifth Season
The Western legend is back as Jack Kelly returns for the fifth and final season of MAVERICK. Season Five’s original episodes follow Bart Maverick (Kelly) as he deals himself the winning hand against crooked senators, four-flushing bankers, glamorous grifters, wish-granting leprechauns, Bonanza-spoofing ranchers and more in 13 classic adventures guest-starring cult favorites Marie Windsor, Sig Ruman, Reginald Owen, Kathleen Crowley and Jim Backus. And while this fifth season marks the end of the run, the Maverick brothers would return, with Garner playing Bret in the Bret Maverick series (1981-82), guest-starring Kelly as Bart. Which only proves what their old Pappy might say: “You can’t keep a good cardsharp and con artist down.”
Price: 32.49

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