Two boys brave a journey through a jungle of terrors in this thrill-packed adventure starring Clint Walker, Jay North and Sajid Kahn. With the death of his mother, teenager Terry Bowen (North) travels from Wyoming to India to live with his dad (Walker), a famed animal trapper whom he’s never met. Running away after an argument, Terry is befriended by Raji (Kahn), an Indian lad who promised his dying father to deliver a sacred white elephant to a faraway temple. Embarking on a perilous quest, the boys encounter fierce tigers, angry villagers and the evil One-Eye (I.S. Johar), a treacherous villain who intends to murder them both and claim the priceless beast as his own. Shot entirely in India in stunning Panavision® and Technicolor®, Maya would later inspire a 1967-68 television series starring North and Kahn in their original roles.
Price: 18.49

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