Miracle on the Mountain: The Kincaid Family Story
Control-freak executive Tom Kincaid (William Devane, TV’s “Knots Landing” and “24”) is used to having his family jump at the sound of his voice. When he insists that his wife Anne (Patty Duke, The Miracle Worker) and three teenagers accompany him on a weekend trip to the mountains and disaster threatens, Kincaid must rely on his family’s strength and ingenuity to take charge when he himself is almost killed. After their private plane crashes in a remote area, the family huddles in a tumble-down cabin, struggling to survive the elements—and an avalanche—and to forget their differences and work together as a team. But what of Tom's oldest daughter Carla (Elisabeth Rosen), who was left back home because she was late for the takeoff, and who may or may not be aware of her parents' and siblings' desperate plight? Newly remastered.
Price: 17.49

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