Mokey (1942)
There’s someone new in young Mokey’s life - his mom! After his widowed father remarries, 8-year-old Mokey Delano strives to win the love of his stepmother. But the new Mrs. Delano is unsure of her maternal skills, and Mokey’s mischievous nature doesn’t help them build a relationship. Events, including a brush with the law, drive the two even further apart. So Mokey decides there’s only one thing to do: run away. On the brink of their film careers taking off, Donna Reed and Dan Dailey play the elder Delanos in Mokey. Robert Blake (billed as Bobby Blake) plays the title role with the straight-for~ the-heart charm that had made him a star of the Our Gang comedies. Another Our Gang favorite, Billie “Buckwheat” Thomas, costars as a neighborhood child who gives shelter to his runaway pal. With a fast storyline and easy transitions between laughter and tears, Mokey is a prime example of the family-centered Hollywood B movie.
Price: 18.49

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